What are Image, body and Frameset Events in HTML

In this article we will discuss about what are image, body and frameset Events attributes in HTML.
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HTML has some Events attributes which allows the events to occur in a browser, like open JavaScript when user focuses or click on an element present in the HTML Document. There are some standard events attributes which are available for the special kind of elements. Events are some kind of notification which convey that some task is to be done. There are some events attributes which are occur for body , image and Frameset Elements. These are:

For Body and Frameset Element

Event Attribute Value Explanation
onload Script It means when Document will be loaded a script will be run
onunload Script It means when document will be unloaded a script will be run.

For Image Element

Event Attribute Value Explanation
onabort Script When loading of an image will be interrupted The script will be run.

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