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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create document on the World Wide Web.
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Introduction: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create document on the World Wide Web. It is simply a collection of certain keywords called 'Tags' that are helpful in writing the document to be displayed using a browser on Internet. H-T-M-L are initials that stand for Hyper Text Markup Language. Hyper is the opposite of linear. It used to be that computer programs had to move in a linear fashion. This before this, this before this, and so on. HTML does not hold to that pattern and allows the person viewing the World Wide Web page to go anywhere any time they want. Text is what you will use. Real honest to goodness English letters. Markup is what you will do. You will write in plain English and then mark up what you wrote. More to come on that in the next Primer. Language because they needed something that started with "L" to finish HTML and Hypertext Markup Louie did not flow correctly. Because it's a language really but the language is plain English.

Creating a HTML document:


  • The <HTML> tag encloses all other HTML tags and associated text within your document
  • The <HEAD> tag comes after the HTML start tag. It contains TITLE tag to give the document a title that displays on the browsers title bar at the top.
  • The <BODY> tag contains all the text and graphics of the document with all the HTML tags that are used for control and formatting of the page.

Example: simple display name in HTML

tital><h1>My web page</h1></tital>
h1>hello manish</h1>
<h2>hello manish</h2>
<h3>hello manish</h3>
<h4>hello manish</h4>
<h5>hello manish</h5>
<h5>hello manish</h6>



Summary: This is the simple program for beginners that how to display the name in html. In this program used all tag define above. Now in a <h1> to <h6> that used to sequence of heading.


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