What is XQuery data type in XML

In this article,we are going to explain XQuery data type.
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XQuery Data Type

XQuery data type is given below; it also used in XML. The XML data type allows up to 2GB storage of XML documents or fragments.

  • XSD String data type contain character string.

Example of  XSD string data type

<xs:element name="XYZ" type="xs:string"/>

  • XSD Date and Time data type represents calendar date,time.

Example of  XSD Date  data type

<xs:element name="XYZ" type="xs:date"/>
  • XSD Numeric data type contain  numeric value.

Example of  XSD Numeric data type

<xs:element name="XYZ" type="xs:integer"/>
  • XSD Mise  contain miscellaneous data type.

Example of  XSD Mise data type

<xs:element name="XYZ" type="xs:boolean"/>

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