Pros And Cons Of FileStream in SQL Server 2012

This article describes various pros and cons of FileStream.
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In this article I describe about various advantages and its disadvantages of FileStream..

Advantages of using FileStream

  1. Working with these files i.e. reading or writing becomes a part of database transaction.
  2. Files created with the help of FileStream are managed by SQL Server only in its own file group. These files can be backed up and restored with other SQL Server data.
  3. It maintains transaction consistency.
  4. FileStream lets you to integrate NTFS file system with SQL Server database engine by storing varbinary (max) binary large object (BLOB) data like: word documents, image files, music and videos etc) as file on the file system. Data is not saved within the databases.

Disadvantages of using FileStream

  1. We could not implement Transparent Data Encryption in it.
  2. We could not use it in table valued parameters.
  3. Database Mirroring is not possible.


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