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In this article you will learn what is variables in VB.NET and how to declare and initialization variables.
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In any programming language, variable store value during a program's execution.

I am writing a program that converts amounts between different currencies.

Example: In this example calculate and display the discounted price for the amount of 50000.

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        Dim amount As Single
        Dim discount As Single
        Dim discamount As Single
        amount = 50000
        discount = 0.5
        discamount = amount * (1 - discount)
        MsgBox("your price is $" & discamount)
    End Sub

End Module

Note: Single is a numeric data type, it can store both integer and non- integer values.

Output :


Declaring Variables:

You can declare integer variables:

Dim width As Integer

You can declare multiple variables of the same type having to repeat each variable's type:

In this statement will create three integer variables:

Dim width, depth, height, as Integer

In this statement will create two integer and two Double variables:

Dim width, height As Integer, area, volume As Double

o declare a variable, use the Dim statement followed by the variable's name, the AS keyword, and its type, like:

Dim height As Integer

Dim greetings As String

When declare variables, here are steps to use:

  • Start with a letter.

  • you can use only special character that can appear in the variable's name is the underscore character.

  • Limits of the characters is 255.

  • Must be unique within the scope.

  • Variable names in VB.NET is case-insensitive.

Variable initialization

we can initialize variables in the same line that declare them.

Here declares an integer variables and initializes in to 2,450:

Dim instance as Interger = 2450


In this article you learned what is variables in VB.NET and how to declare and initialization variables. In next article you will learn type of variables.


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