How to use generic in DART language

In this article, i will explain about generic in DART language.
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Generic in DART

Generic are the most powerful feature of  DART. Generic allow you to define type-safe data structure, types is optional in DART. The <> notation marks is used for generics. Generics are mostly used for providing  information about type. Let us suppose you can define a interface of generic type, you can also gives us a integer type value, or string type value depending on implementation. Generics is heavily used in list. The example of generic is defined below:

Example of generic

interface DefGeneric<T>{}//Here generic type interface is declare

interface IntGeneric extends DefGeneric<int>{int Sum();}//Here int type generic define

interface StringGeneric extends DefGeneric<String>{String value();}//Here string type generic define

class UseGeneric implements IntGeneric , StringGeneric {

  int sum(){

    int a=5,b=6;

    print("The value of ${a} + ${b} is ${a+b}");


  String value()

  {print("I am a string");}



void main() {

  UseGeneric obj = new UseGeneric();





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