What is DART expressions

In this article, i will discuss about DART expressions
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DART Expressions

An expression is an arbitarily complex combination of variables, constant , literals, operators, and function calls. The simplest expression is a single variables. DART  expression is a  fragment of code that can evaluated at run time to yield a value.

  • Constant Expressions

    A constant expressions is an expression whose value can never change.

Example of constant expression

final int i =1;
  • String Expressions

    String expressions is use to holds  a string value.

Example of string expression

String s ="I am used to holds a string value";
  • Math Expressions

    Math expressions is used to holds numeric value.

Example of math expression

int s =(1*2);
  • Relational Expressions

    Relational expressions are used to holds some boolean operations.

Example of relational expression

  • Bitshift Expressions

    Bitshift expression are used to holds bit related value

Example of bitshift expression


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