Printing Your Publication In Publisher 2010

In this article I will explain how to Print Your Publication In Publisher 2010.
  • 2012

Process 0f Printing Your Publication

Step 1

The PRINT button allows you to print the document using the current settings.

Step 2

The COPIES field allows you to print one or more copies of the document.

Step 3

The PRINTER allows you to select a different printer. The printer properties allows you to set the properties for that printer.

Step 4

The SETTINGS tool allows you to select different pages of your document.

Step 5

The PAGES field allows you to specify a custom page range to print.

Step 6

The other SETTINGS control additional settings for print, such as one or two sided printing, whether multiple copies are collated, the orientation, the paper size, the default page margins, and how many pages to print per page.

Step 7

There is an option to print in color or gray scale.


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