What is change in Publisher 2010

In this article I will explain you what’s changed and what’s removed from publisher 2010.
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What's changed

1. Cropping in Publisher 2010

In  this  users can rotate and resize pictures, crop them into non-rectangular shapes.

2. Replacing pictures in Publisher 2010

In this user replace one picture to another using drag and drop.

3. Using picture placeholders in Publisher 2010

In this pictures either too small or too large for a placeholder  automatically resized by publisher.

4. Add captions in Publisher 2010

It includes the ability to  add captions to their pictures, choosing from a gallery of caption designs and layouts, and make changes easily.

5. Object alignment in Publisher 2010

Users can use visual alignment guides to align objects to other objects, but can ultimately determine where they want to place their objects. This includes the ability to offset-align an object.

6. Web mode
in Publisher 2010

Creating new Web sites and Web publications is not available in Publisher 2010.

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