Different Resources Types In Project 2010

This article gives an overview on different types of resources available in Project 2010.
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Resources are the people (human resource), equipment (machines), materials (bricks, oil, bread etc) or cost needed to perform the task and to reach the project goals and objectives.

Types of resources

There are three types of resources available in Microsoft Project 2010.

Work Resource

Work resources are the people and machines and they need time (hours, days, weeks etc) to perform the task.

Material Resource

Material resources are consumables resources like bricks, oil, concrete etc. These resources are time independent.

Cost Resource

Cost resources are also time independent resources like Airplane tickets. Cost resources are needed in your project to analyze your costs.

If you add two or more resources with the same name Project 2010 consider them as different resources even there is obvious mistake so when you put all resources in the resource sheet, sort them by the name and delete duplicated resources.

Committed Resources

Committed means that you are 100% sure that this resource is available to your project.

Proposed Resources

If the resource is proposed it means that you need that resource, but you do not know if it will be available when you will need it.


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