Add New Columns In Project In Project 2010

This article explains how to add new column in project in Project 2010.
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Add new column feature helps you to manage and communicate your project information. The default Gantt chart view comes with standard columns such as Task Name, Duration, Start, Finish and Resources but there will be plenty of times when you might want to add other columns, such as Work or Costs, and even save your creation as a new table for future.

Step 1

Add new columns to the existing table in the Gantt chart: In the Gantt chart view, scroll right till the Add New Column heading appears.


Step 2

Click Add New Column and then scroll down the list to find the field you want to add and click the column field you want to add.


Step 3

Save the newly formatted table as a custom table: You can save your settings as a custom table with a new name for future use. Click View tab in Data group>Tables.


Step 4

In the drop-down list, click Save Fields as a New Table.

Step 5

In the Save Table dialog box, type a name for your table. And that table will appear under Custom on the Tables drop-down list.


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