Add A Vacation Day For A Resource In Project 2010

This article shows how to add a vacation day for a resource in Project 2010.
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Process used for adding a vacation day for resource in Project 2010 is given below.

Step 1

Click on the Project tab and in the Properties group click on Change Working Time.

 select-change-working-time-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 2

In the Change Working Time dialog box, click the resource whose calendar you want to change in the For Calendar list.

 for-calendar-list-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 3

Now click on Exception tab.

 select-exception-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 4

Type the descriptive name for the exception such as "Vacation Day" and the start and finish times for the time during which the exception will occur.

 create-exception-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 5

If the exception will be repeated throughout the portion for the schedule click Details.

 select-details-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 6

Under the Recurrence Pattern select the frequency from Daily to Yearly and then select additional details about the recurrence pattern.

 recurrence-pattern-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 7

Under the Range Of Recurrence choose the starting time for the exception by using the Start box and then select either End After or End By.

 range-of-recurrence-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 8

Now click OK to confirm the Recurrence Pattern and Range Of Recurrence.

 confirm-choice-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 9

Now press OK to create vacation day for resource.

 create-vacation-day-for-resource-in-project 2010.jpg


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