How To Create Custom WBS Codes In Project 2010

This article explains how to create custom WBS codes in Project 2010.
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Process for creating WBS codes in Project 2010 is given below.

Step 1

In the View menu, select a sheet view, if it is not present in the menu then click on More Views options.

 more-view-option-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 2

Select the view you want to use in your project and click Apply.

 select-view-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 3

Now in the Project tab, click on WBS and select Define Code.

 define-code-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 4

Then enter a Project specific code in Project Code Prefix box.

 enter-specific-code-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 5

Now choose a code string for the first level of the WBS.

1. Numbers (ordered) will allow for a numeric WBS code for this first level.

 numeric-wbs-code-in-project 2010.jpg

2. Uppercase Letters (ordered) will allow for upper case lettered WBS codes.

 uppercase-letter-wbs-code-in-project 2010.jpg

3. Lowercase letters (ordered) will allow for lower case lettered WBS codes.


4. Character (unordered) will allow for any sequence of letters (upper or lower case), and any numbers to be used in the WBS code.

 characters-wbs-code-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 6

The selected number of characters for the code string is chosen in the Length column.

 choose-length-of-wbs-code-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 7

Select a character that you want to use as a separator in the Separator column.

 choose-seperator-in-wbs-code-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 8

For each level of tasks in the WBS, repeat step 3-7.

Step 9

Project will automatically assign a WBS code each time a new task is entered by ticking the Generate WBS Code For New Task check box.

 generate-wbs-code-for-new-task-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 10

Foe creating unique codes tick the Verify Uniqueness Of New WBS Code check box.

 verify-uniqueness-of-new-wbs-code-in-project 2010.jpg


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