What Is Project 2010

This article describes the Project 2010 and also explains its features.
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When user have to judging multiple projects, interrupted schedule and shared resources, maintaining a  schedule in a spreadsheet become an necessary task. Microsoft Project 2010 helps users in Maintaining a schedule and also helps in resource management.

Advantage of enterprise wide resource management

With Microsoft Project 2010 all projects in an organization can draw from a central, enterprise-wide resource pool. It enables project manager to quickly see the availability of resource of a resource before assigning it to a task.

Calculate the effect of date changes

Project 2010 helps in adjusting project schedule and resource assignment with its dynamic scheduling engine. It handles the date change and its effect seamlessly. It also automatically recalculate the schedule.

Flexible reporting method

Project 2010 generates a visual report which uses the templates which exports the data to a Pivot Diagrams in Microsoft Visio Professional.


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