How To See The Baseline In Gantt Chart In Project 2010

This article describes how to see baseline in gantt chart in Project 2010.
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Process used to see the baseline in gantt chart in Project 2010 is given below.

Step 1

On the View menu click on Gantt Chart.

 select-gantt-chart-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 2

Now select Tracking Gantt option from the list.

 tracking gantt-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 3

Now for each task you will see two bars.

 create-baseline-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 4

The black bar will be baseline and will remain static even if the project schedule changes.

 baseline-in-gantt-chart-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 5

The blue or red bar will be a current value.

 current-value-in-project 2010.jpg


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