How To Create And Schedule A New Project In Project 2010

This article explains how to create and schedule a new project in Project 2010.
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Process for creating and scheduling a new project in Project 2010 is given below.

Step 1

Click the File tab and then click New.

Step 2

Select the Blank Project and then click Create on the right pane.

Step 3

On the Project tab in the Properties group, click Project Information.

Step 4

Schedule the project in the Project Information dialog box

1. To schedule from the start date, click Project Start Date in the Schedule from box, and then select the start date in the Start date box.

2.To schedule from the finish date, click Project Finish Date in the Schedule from box, and then select the finish date in the Finish date box.

Step 5

User can also include enterprise custom fields in the project. In the Enterprise Custom Fields section, click the Value field for a custom field, and then select the value.


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