StatusStrip Control in ASP. NET using VB.NET

In this Article we learn how we can we use the StatusStrip Control in VB.NET.
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StatusStrip control of visual basic is a StatusBar control. Which has many extra features in comparison to StatusBar control. StatusStrip has some inbuilt control such as StatusLabel, ProgressBar, DropDownButton SplitButton. You can add these controls on the StatusStrip itself. When we drag and use the StatusStrip control than it shows the options to use the Controls available with it. A StatusStrip control usually displayed at the bottom of the window.
Features of StatusStrip control:

  • StatusStrip Control Support two Different type of Layouts which we can use.
  • StatusStrip Control provides support for localization.
  • StatusStrip Control has horizontal and vertical orientation. We can set its orientation to placed it horizontal or vertical.

How you can work with StatusStrip Control 

Drag the StatusStrip Control from the ToolBox on the form.


Click on the StatusStrip Control. It will appear like below and select any control.


Here we are selecting ProgressBar.

Now write the below code on form load.

Private Sub Form1_Load_1(ByVal sender As System.ObjectByVal e As System.EventArgs)Handles MyBase.Load
        While ToolStripProgressBar1.Value < 100
            ToolStripProgressBar1.Value += 5 
        End While


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