Assoc command in Windows Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about Assoc command in Windows Server 2008.
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Require: Windows XP, Windows7, Windows Vista

The assoc command is used to display or change the file type associated with a particular file extension.. The word "associate" is use in connection with file extensions and refers to an extension being associated with a particular file type. All of this information is stored  can be modified in several ways.

Syntax of assoc command

assoc [.ext[=[file Type]]]
  •  If above command is used without parameter then, assoc displays a list of what file types correspond to the extensions currently registered on the system.


Parameters Description
<.ext> Use this parameter to specify the file name extension 
<File Type> Specifies the file type with which you want to associate the specified file name extension

Examples of assoc command

To see the current file type associated with .txt

assoc .txt

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