Date command in windows server 2008

This article describe about Date command in windows server 2008.
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Date command applies to all versions of Windows as well as MS-DOS

Date command is use to display or sets the date of a system.

Syntax for Date Comman

date [/t | <Month-Day-Year>]

In above syntax

1. /t denotes current date

2. <Month-Day-Year>  denotes date. *values for Month, Day, and Year must be seperate by hyphens (-), or slash sign (/).

3. Range: Month(1-12),Day(1-31),Year should be four digit value.

Examples of Date Command

Type DATE without parameters to display the current date setting and
a prompt for a new one.  Press ENTER to keep the same date.           

DATE [date]

Change current date to any other date, like 24th September 1989, type following code:

date 24-09-89

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