Bdehdcfg command in Windows Server 2008

This article explains about Bdehdcfg command in Windows Server 2008.
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Bdehdcfg command is used to prepare a hard drive with the partitions necessary for BitLocker Drive Encryption. Syntax for using Bdehdcfg is given below.


bdehdcfg [-driveinfo <DriveLetter>] [-target {default | unallocated | <DriveLetter> shrink | <DriveLetter> merge}] [-newdriveletter] [-size <SizeinMB>] [-quiet]

Parameters List

Parameter Description
Bdehdcfg: driveinfo Displays the drive letter, the total size, the maximum free space, and the partition characteristics of the partitions on the drive specified.
Bdehdcfg: target Specifies which portion of a drive to use as the system drive and makes the portion active.
Bdehdcfg: newdriveletter Assigns a new drive letter to the portion of a drive used as the system drive.
Bdehdcfg: size It defines the size of the system partition when a new system drive is being created.
Bdehdcfg: quiet It prevents the display of all actions and errors.
Bdehdcfg: restart It directs the computer to restart after the drive preparation has finished.
/? Shows Help at the command prompt.

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