Cacls Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes about Cacls command in Windows Server 2008 operating system.
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Cacls command  applies to Windows Server 2008,Windows Vista.

The cacls is one of  the Windows command line tool. With the help of this command you can  edit and display  ACL's Programs. ACL is access control lists of files. Cacls command changes files and folders permissions. This command can also edit the access control lists of files and no need of of replacing lists. The basic syntax to use Cacls command is given below.


cacls <file name> [/t] [/m] [/l] [/s[:sddl]] [/e] [/c] [/g user:<perm>] [/r user [...]] [/p user:<perm> [...]] [/d user [...]]


List of Parameters Description
/? Show help
<file name> Displays the access control lists of specifies  files
/t Change the file permissions in current folder and its subfolders
/m Changes ACLs of volumes which are mounted to a folder
/l Performs the operation on symbolic link itself instead on its target
/s:sddl Replaces the ACLs with those defined in the SDDL string
/e Edits the ACL
/c Continue on file errors
/g user:<perm> Grant access rights. Permission can be replaced with previously  granted permission. Some values for permission can be n, r, w, c, f means none, read, write, change, full access respectively.
[/p user:<perm> [...] Replace user's access rights. Valid values of permission are n, r, w, c, f.
[/d user[...]] Deny the specified user access rights

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