Use of Dcpromo Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes how to use Dcpromo command in Windows Server 2008 operating system.
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Dcpromo is a windows server os command. It is used to promote or make normal windows server functionality to server functionality as domain controller. It is used to install or remove Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). The syntax used for using Dcpromo command in operating system is given below.


dcpromo [/answer[ :<filename>] | /unattend[ :<filename>] | /unattend | /adv] /uninstallBinaries [/CreateDCAccount | /UseExistingAccount:Attach] /? /?[:{Promotion | CreateDCAccount | UseExistingAccount | Demotion}]

Parameters For Dcpromo

Parameter Description
/answer[:<filename>] Define an answer file that contains installation parameter and values.
/unattend[:<filename>] This command provides the same functionality as /answer[:<filename>].
/unattend Defines an unattended installation.
/adv It performs an install from media (IFM) operation.
/UninstallBinaries Used to uninstall AD DS binaries.
/CreateDCAccount Creates a read-only domain controller (RODC) account.
/UseExistingAccount:Attach Used to attach a server to an existing RODC account.
/? Shows Help for Dcpromo parameters.
/?[:{Promotion | CreateDCAccount | UseExistingAccount | Demotion}] Shows parameters that apply to the Dcpromo operation.

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