Cd command in Windows Server 2008

In this article we will discuss about Cd command used in windows Server 2008 and how it work.
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Cd command is Windows Server 2008  command  line tool. Cd command displays the name of or changes the current working directory. The use of Cd command is to change in to subdirectory or move to some other directory or to home directory. Cd is the version of the chdir( change directory) command.


cd [/d] [<Drive>:][<Path>]
cd [..


List of parameters Description
/d Changes the current drive.
<Drive>: Denotes the drive to be viewed or to be change.
<Path> Specifies the path to the folder to be viewed or change.
[..] Denotes you want to move to parent directory.

Examples of Cd command

1. Goto Root Directory


2.Move to directory named "department" located in E: drive. Folder name is case sensitive so use the same case as the names on the disk

cd  E:\department

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