Chglogon command in windows server 2008

In this article we are discussing about chglogon command in Windows Server 2008 and how to use it.
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Chglogon command applies to Windows Server 2008, Windows 7,Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista etc. Chglogon command is used to enables or disables client session logons on an Remote Desktop Session Host server. It also displays the present logon status.


change logon {/query | /enable | /disable | /drain | /drainuntilrestart}

In above syntax

Parameter Description
/query Displays logon status whether it is currently enabled or disabled.
/enable Enables logons from client sessions not from console.
/disable Disables client logons but not from console.
/drain Disables logons from new user.
/drainuntilrestart Disables logons from new user until computer restarts.


1.Disables logons from new user.

change logon /drain

2.Displays current logon status.

change logon /query

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