Doskey command in Windows Server 2008

This article describe about Doskey command in Windows Server 2008.
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Doskey command in Windows Server 2008 allows users to keep the history of commands used on the computer. It is also used to create macros and edit command lines. Syntax used for Doskey is given below.


doskey [/reinstall] [/listsize=<Size>] [/macros:[all | <ExeName>] [/history] [/insert | /overstrike] [/exename=<ExeName>] [/macrofile=<FileNmae>] [<macroname>=[<Text>]]

Parameters For Doskey

Parameter Description
/reinstall Installs a new copy of Doskey.exe and clears the command history buffer.
/listsize=<Size> Specifies the maximum number of commands in the history buffer.
/macros Shows a list of all doskey macros.
/macros:all Shows Doskey macros for all executables.
/macros:<ExeName> Shows Doskey macros for the executable specified by ExeName.
/history Shows all commands that are stored in memory.
[/insert | /overstrike] Defines whether to insert or overwrite text as you type.
/exename=<ExeName> Defines the program in which the doskey macro runs.
/macrofile=<FileName> Defines a file that contains the macros that you want to install.
<MacroName>=[<Text>] Creates a macro that carries out the commands specified by Text.
/? Shows help at the command prompt.

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