Call Command In Windows Server 2008

In this article I will discuss about how to use the call command in windows server 2008.
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Call command applies to all versions of Windows.

Call is one of the Windows Server 2008 command line tool. The call command is used to call a script or batch program from another batch program  as a procedure. The execution of parent batch program is not stopped when another script or batch program is called from it. If call command used outside of a script or a batch program then the call command at the Command Prompt or MS-DOS prompt has no effect. The basic syntax to use call command is given below.


call [Drive:][Path]<FileName> [<BatchParameters>] [:<Label> [<Arguments>]]


Lists of Parameters Description
[<Drive>:][<Path>]<filename> Defines the address and name of  the batch program to be called. The file name must have .bat or .cmd extension
<Batch Parameters> Defines information required by batch program.
:<Label> Defines the label that you want a batch program control to jump to.
<Arguments> Defines the command-line information to be passed to the new batch program.

Example of call command

Call the newinstance.cmd program from another batch program.

call newintance

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