Driverquery command in Windows Server 2008

This article describe about Driverquery command in Windows Server 2008.
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Driverquery command in Windows Server 2008 is used to enable administrator to show a list of installed device drivers and their properties. The Syntax used for Driverquery is given below.


driverquery [/s <System> [/u [<Domain>\]<Username> [/p <Password>]]] [/fo {table | list | csv}] [/nh] [/v | /si]

Parameters For Driverquery

Parameters Description
/s <System> Defines the name or IP address of a remote computer.
/u [<Domain>\]<Username> Runs the command with the credentials of the user account as specified by User or Domain.
/p <Password> Defines the password of the user account that is specified in the /u parameter.
/fo {table | list | csv} Defines the format to display the driver information.
/nh Omits the header row from the displayed driver information.
/v Shows verbose output.
/si Gives information about signed drivers.
/? Shows help at the command prompt.

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