Chcp command in Windows Server 2008

In this article we are discussing about chcp command and how to use it in windows server 2008.
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Chcp command is one of the Windows Server 2008 command line tool. Chcp command is used to display or change the code page. To use this command, the code page number must have been previously set.

Chcp command syntax

chcp [<XXX>]


Parameter Description
<XXX> Specifies code page number

List of supported code number along with their country names or language

Code page number Country name/language
437 United States
850 Multilingual (Latin I)
852 Slavic (Latin II)
855 Cyrillic (Russian)
857 Turkish
860 Portuguese
861 Icelandic
863 Canadian-French
866 Russian
865 Nordic
869 Modern Greek 

Example of Chcp command

1.If used without parameter then chcp command returns the active code page number


Above syntax  will display a message similar to the following:
Active code page: 437

2.To change the code page setting from 437 to 863, type

chcp 863

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