Djoin Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes Djoin command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and commands related with it.
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With the help of Djoin command in Windows Server 2008, users are able to connect a computer to an active directory domain without a dedicated connection. This offline domain feature is achieved using a blob. Blob contains all the information needed by the client when join with domain. Syntax for Djoin command is given below.


djoin /provision /domain <domain_name> /machine <destination_computer> /savefile <filename.txt> [/machineou <OU name>] [/dcname <name of the domain controller>] [/reuse] [/downlevel] [/defpwd] [/nosearch] [/printblob]

Parameters For Djoin

Options Description
/provision Creates a computer account in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).
/domain <domain name> Shows the name of the domain to join.
/machine <destination computer> Defines the name of the computer that you want to join to the domain.
/machineou <OU Name> Defines the name of the OU in which you want the computer account to be created.
/dcname <domain controller name> Defines the name of a specific domain controller that will create the computer account.
/reuse Defines the reuse of any existing computer account.
/downlevel Support the use of a domain controller that runs a version of Windows Server that is earlier than Windows Server 2008 R2.
/savefile <filename.txt> Saves provisioning data to a file.
/defpwd Uses the default machine account password.
/nosearch Skips account conflict detention.
/printblob Returns a base64-encoded metadata blob for an answer file.

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