export-Image Command In Windows Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about Wbadmin stop job Command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and also explain it's related syntax.
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In this we exports an existing image from the image store to another Windows Image (.wim) file.

Syntax for boot images

WDSUTIL [Options] /Export-Image /Image:<Image name> [/Server:<Server name>]
/ImageType:Boot /Architecture:{x86 | ia64 | x64} [/Filename:<File name>]
/Filepath:<File path and name>
[/Overwrite:{Yes | No}]

Syntax for install images

WDSUTIL [Options] /Export-Image /Image:<Image name> [/Server:<Server name>]
/ImageType:Install [/ImageGroup:<Image group name>]
[/Filename:<File name>]
/Filepath:<File path and name>
[/Overwrite:{Yes | No | Append}]


 Parameter  Description
 /Image:<Image name> It specifies the ID of the client to be disconnected.
 [/Server:<Server name>] It specifies the name of the server.
/ImageType:{Boot | Install} It specifies the type of image to be exported.
[/ImageGroup:<Image group name>] In this we specifies the image group containing the image to be exported.
/Architecture:{x86 | ia64 | x64} specifies the architecture of the image to be exported.
[/Filename:<Filename>] If the image cannot be uniquely identified by name, the file name must be specified.
/DestinationImage In this we specifies the settings for the destination image.
[/Overwrite:{Yes | No | Append}] It determines whether the file specified in the /DestinationImage option will be overwritten if an existing file with that name already exists at the /FilePath.


WDSUTIL /Export-Image /Image:"WinPE boot image" /ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x86 /DestinationImage /FilePath:"C:\temp\boot.wim"
WDSUTIL /Verbose /Progress /Export-Image /Image:"WinPE boot image" /Server:MyWDSServer /ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x64 /Filename:boot.wim
/DestinationImage /FilePath:"\\Server\Share\ExportImage.wim" /Name:"Exported WinPE image" /Description:"WinPE Image from WDS server" /Overwrite:Yes

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