Sc query Command In Windows Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about sc query command in windows server 2008 operating system.
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 Sc query command is used to obtains and displays information about the specified service, driver, type of service, or type of driver.

Syntax of Sc

sc [<ServerName>] query [<ServiceName>] [type= {driver | service | all}] [type= {own | share | interact | kernel | filesys | rec | adapt}] [state= {active | inactive | all}] [bufsize= <BufferSize>] [ri= <ResumeIndex>] [group= <GroupName>]

Parameters in Sc
query command

It contains following parameter, which is given below:
Parameter Description
<ServerName> It specifies the name of the remote server on which the service is installed.
<ServiceName> It specifies name of the service returned by the getkeyname operation.
type It specifies the type of services or type of drivers to enumerate.
driver It specifies that only drivers are enumerated.
service It specifies that only services are enumerated.
all It specifies all services.
own In this service runs in its own process. It does not share an executable file with other services.
share In this service runs as a shared process. It shares an executable file with other services.
interact In this service can interact with the desktop, receiving input from users.
kernel It is driver.
filesys It is file system driver.
state It specifies the started state of the service for which to enumerate.
active It specifies all active services.
inactive It specifies all paused or stopped services.
bufsize= <BufferSize> It specifies the size (in bytes) of the enumeration buffer.
ri= <ResumeIndex> It specifies the index number at which to begin or resume the enumeration.
group= <GroupName> It specifies the service group to enumerate.
/? It displays help at the command prompt.

Example of Sc query command

sc query wuauserv


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