Reg query Command in Windows Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about reg query command in windows server 2008 operating system.
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Reg query command in Windows Server 2008

The reg query command is used to return a list of the next tier of subkeys ans entire that are located under a specified subkey in the registry.

Syntax of Reg query command

reg query  keyname [ { /v <ValueName>  | /ve} ]  [/s] [/se <separator>] [/f <data>] [{/k | /d}] [/c] [/e] [/t  <type>]  [/z] filename

Parameters in Reg query command

There are the following parameter in the reg query command:

Parameter Description
KeyName It specifies the full path of the subkey.
/v ValueName It  specifies registry value name that is to be  queried.
/ve It runs a query for value names that are empty.
/s It specifies to query all subkeys and value name recursively.
/se <separator> It specifies the single value separator to search for in the value name type REG_MULTI_SZ.
/f <data> It specifies the data or pattern to search for.
/k It specifies to search in key names only.
/d It specifies to search in data only.
/c It specifies that query is a case sensitive.
/e It specifies to return only exact matches.
/t  <type> It specifies registry types to search.
/z It specifies to include the numeric equivalent for the registry type in search result.

Example of Reg query command




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