Understand Layout View And Design Grid In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Understand Layout View And Design Grid In Access 2010.
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Understand layout view and design grid

Layout view  

  • In layout view, show all the modification in the form, and it is the most intuitive in a form.

  • If we create a blank web database in ms access then the layout view is only view designing forms.

  • Mainly the layout view is used to running for the form.

  • If we are creating a standard desktop database, and encounter a task that cannot be performed in layout view, we switch to design view.

  • Access displays a message that states that we must switch to design view before we can make a particular change.


Design Grid

  • Design grid is a process to give a information of the structure of our form.

  • In design grid, we can see the header, detail, and footer section for the form.

  • When we show design grid then the form is not running.

  • Add a wider variety of controls to our form, such as bound object frames, page breaks, and charts.

  • Edit text box control sources in the text boxes themselves, without using the property sheet.

  • Re size form sections, such as the form header or the detail section.

  • Change certain form properties that cannot be changed in Layout view.


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