What Is Design Process In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain design process in access 2010.
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The Design Process
  • The design process consists of the following steps

Determine the purpose of your database 

  • This helps prepare you for the remaining steps.

Find and organize the information required

  • We put the information product name and order number in the database, and we might want to record in the database.

Divide the information into tables

  • Divide our information into entities or subjects, each subject then becomes a table.

Turn information items into columns

  • We want to store information in every table, and all tables have a field, and the field is divided in the columns in the table.   
  • For example, an Employees table might include fields such as Last Name and Id.

Specify primary keys

  • We select every tables primary key and column is used to uniquely identify every row. For example might be Product ID or Order ID.   

Set up the table relationships

  • We check every table and how the data in one table is related in other tables, and add fields or create new tables to clarify the relationships, as necessary.    

Refine our design

  • Clear the errors and add a new data and make adjustment to the design, as needed. 

Apply the normalization rules  

  • Apply the data normalization rules to see if our tables are structured correctly. Make adjustments to the tables, as needed.

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