How To Look a Data In Access Table 2010

In this article I am going to explain How To Look a Data In Access Table 2010.
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Look at a subset of the data in a table
  • If we want to review some data in a table or a field then we use the select query in access 2010.
  • Suppose that we want to review a list of customer. We can create a query that returns customer address information by using the following procedure.
  • First we open the northwind database.


  • We click the create tab and then click the query design in a query group.
  • When open the show table, then double click the customer table.


  • Then close the show table dialog box.
  • In the customer table double click the company name and address to add these fields to the query.


  • Then we click the run tab in a result group.


  • The query runs, and then displays a list of customer and their address.


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