Change Data In An Automated Fashion In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Change Data In An Automated Fashion In Access 2010.
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Change data in an automated fashion

In this process we can update our query in access 2010.

How to add a data in Delhi order table click here

We can update the values in the Delhi orders table by using the following procedure

  • First we open Delhi order table in design view.


  • Then we change data type from number to text, in the product id row.


  • Save and close the Delhi order table.

  • After this process we click query design on create tab, in the query group.

  • Show table open, and we select Delhi order and products table and click to add.


  • Then close the show table.

  • Then we click update tab in the query type group on design tab.

  • In the design grid, the sort and show rows disappear, and the update to row appears.


  • Then double-click Product ID and to add this field to the design grid in the Delhi order table.


  • Type the following code in the update To row of the product id column.

  • [Products].[Product Name]

  • Also type the code in criteria row.

  • [Product ID] Like ([Products].[ID])


  • We can review which values will be changed by an update query by viewing the query in Datasheet view.

  • The query returns a list of Product IDs that will be updated.

  • After this process we click the run in design tab.

  • When we open the Delhi orders table, we will see that the numeric values in the product id field have been replaced by the product names from the products table.


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