Create a totals query for summaries In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Create a totals query for summaries In Access 2010.
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Create a totals query for more complex summaries
  • A totals query is allows to group and summarize data.

  • For Example, If we want to see total sale per product, then we can use sum.

  • Web query does not support aggregate function.

These are the following steps to make summarize product subtotals by product.

We can add a total row to the product subtotals query that we see previous example by using the following procedure.

  • First we open home tab and then click view button and select design view.

  • The Product Subtotals query opens in Design view.

  • We click design tab and click total tab in the show/hide group.

  • The total row is show query design grid.


Although they have similar names, the Totals row in the design grid and the Total row in a datasheet are not the same.

  • In the second column of the design grid, in the Total row, select Sum from the drop-down list.


  • Then we click run in design tab.


  • We save our data in query.


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