Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010

In this article I am going in Conditional formatting in Excel 2010.
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Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010

Conditional formatting is the properties in excel by which we can set the different type of formatting on lot of data with different types of condition. Example:- show the employee data with different format whose salary between 2000 to 5000.

How to create Conditional Formatting

Step 1

Open work sheet and select cell for we want to create Conditional formatting.


Step 2

On Home tab click on Conditional Formatting.


Step 3

Then a dropdown menu will be open. In this menu we can choose any format.


Step 4

Then a sub menu will be open. In sub menu we choose condition according to need.


Step 5

Than a condition dialog box will be open in this dialog box we enter the condition value according to need.


Step 6

Finally result will be displayed.


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