Outlining Data in Excel 2010

In this article I am going to explain outline in Excel 2010
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Outlining Data in Excel 2010

Outlining Data is a properties in the Excel by which we create large amount of data in the group and we can show and hide to data from view. We can also summarize data for quick analysis using subtotal command.

To create Outlining Data we have to follow following steps.

Step 1

Open worksheet and sort to Data according to need .

After its select to all data.


Step 2

On Data tab in Outline group click on Subtotal.


Step 3

Then a Subtotal dialog box will be open.


Step 4

In Subtotal dialog box choose function that are available for Subtotaling and select column on which we want to create group.


Step 5

And click on ok Subtotal group will be created.


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