What is New in Excel 2010

In this article I am going to explain about what new in Excel 2010.
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What is New in Excel 2010

Some feature teat add in Excel 2010 and some feature that enhanced by Microsoft.  That are Following.

Compatibility of .Xlsx

When Microsoft was lunch Excel 2007 then introduced new Xml format (.xlsx) which was not compatible with .xls spreadsheet format. This problem solved in MS Excel 2010. In Excel we can save .xls format and xlsx format.


Protection Mood

When we open download Excel file in Excel 2010 then its open in protection mode and its allow to edit. For edit to document we have to click set "Edit enable" option in document.



Excel 2010 add sparklink option by which we can easy to insert tab, choose difference chart diagram, Text formatting etc.


Enhanced Macro

In Excel 2007 when ever we record macro while doing anything with shape the macro would come out blank. This problem solve in  Excel 2010. And we can locate macro in view menu.


Enhanced chart diagram

In Excel 2010 when we double click on chart element the a dialog box open in which we can set different type of properties.


Enhanced Ribbon Toolbar

In Excel 2010 Ribbon toolbar has been enhanced and we can done highly customization.


Named Sets

Names sets allow to create own named set. For it we have to locate field item, Set button under ribbon.

Supports 64-bit

Microsoft provide 32-bit and 64-bit of Office 2010. The advantage of this feature is we can create our spreadsheet up to 4GB.

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