How to Create Complex Formula in Excel 2010

In this article I am going to explain about complex formula in Excel 2010.
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Complex Formula in Excel 2010

In simple formula we work with one mathematical operation. Such as 10 + 20.  But when we want to do with more then one mathematical operation on the data then we use complex formula such as 10 + 20 - 30. In complex formula we use order operation. Order operation defined which operation calculate first and operation enclosed in parenthesis.

To creating complex Formula we have to follow following steps.

Step 1

Select the cell where we want to formula result.


Step 2

Type the equal sine (=).


Step 3

Type the open parenthesis and type the value.


Step 4

Type the first mathematical operation.


Step 5

Type the second value and then after type the close parenthesis.


Step 6

Type the next mathematical operation then after type the third value.


Step 7

Press the Enter result will be show.


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