Data Validation in Excel 2010

In this article I am going to explain Data validation in Excel 2010.
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Data Validation in Excel 2010

Data validation restrict the type of information that enter in the cell. Data validation use to enter the appropriate and accurate information in the cell. We can set different type of validation such as Numeric validation, Length validation, List validation etc.

To Set Data Validation we have to follow following steps.

Step 1

Open worksheet and select cell where we want to set validation.


Step 2

In Data group click on Data Validation.


Step 3

After its a Data Validation Dialog box will be open.


Step 4

In this dialog box we can choose different type of validation.

In my Example We set List validation on Name Field and Address field.

Decimal Validation on salary field.

And Length validation on Mobile No field.



Step 5

If we want to enter mobile number that length is more the 10 or smaller then 10 then its will show error.


Step 6

If we want to enter name then we have to select from the list menu if we enter other name that not exists in the list then its will show error.


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