What is Excel 2010

In this article I am going to explain what is Excel 2010.
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What is Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program in office package by which we can create and format workbook for analyze data and make information business decisions and track data make model for analyzing data. In Excel we can write formulas to perform calculation of data, filtering of data, shorting of data and present this data in the form of graphical chart format.

Some Feature that we use in Excel

Formula and Function

Excel provide formula and function feature by which we can perform many type calculation operation on the data. such as Auto sum, Logical, Text, Date Time formula etc.



Charting is the most power full feature in Excel by which we can present our data in the form of chart.


Cell Formatting

Cell formatting is the feature of excel by which we can set different type of properties to call such as Background color, Border, Number format, Font Size etc.



Excel provide macro by which we can configure custom macro to accomplish a set of repeatable activity. In other word we can say that we can create a shortcut form for more more difficult work.


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