Make Text Strikethrough in Word 2010

This article describe about Make Text Strikethrough in Word 2010.
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Decorate the Word text

Microsoft Word also provide some feature through which we can decorate our desire text. Decorate mean formats the word by using the following given option like Bold, Italic, Underline, strikethrough... etc

Make Text Strikethrough

The line drown through the middle of the text is called Strikethrough line. The Strikethrough text only indicates that it has been deleted from your document.

To make simple text into Strikethrough text do the following steps.

Step 1

Write some simple text in your word document.


Step 2

Now select the text that you want to make font bold by using any selection method.


Step 3

Go to the Home tab and reach at Font group click over the [abc] button.


Now you can see the effect over your selected text.

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