Zoom out operation in Word 2010

This article describe about Zoom-out operation in word 2010.
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Zoom-out operation

You can apply zoom-in and zoom-out own your word document. Because Word provide this functionality. Zoom-in operation enlarge the size of text where as Zoom-out operation reduces the size of the text.

Here I am going to describe only Zoom-out operation.

Zoom just change the size of the font on-screen without effecting the other attributes. We can apply zoom operation from several way that describe below.

Zoom-out Using View tab

Step 1

Write some simple text in word document. Or use =rand()


Step 2

Go to View tab and click on the Zoom button.


Step 3

Zoom dialog box open where you can decrease the font of text by selecting Zoom to option by default are 100%. And you can select the custom percentage.


Step 4

Click on the OK button. Then you can see the effect.

Zoom-in Using (-) Buttons

The (-) button available in the status bar of word document. When you click on the (-) button each time 10% text size will be decrease.


Note : Here above declared picture text font is 60%.

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