Add Custom text in standard layout in PowerPoint 2010

In this article I have I have described about to add Custom text to text placeholders in standard layout in PowerPoint 2010.
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Custom prompt text In PowerPoint

  • Custom text is a way to overwrite the text in the default placeholders by adding custom prompt text.
  • With the help of custom prompt text users can enter template into text placeholders in standard layouts.

Add custom prompt text to text placeholders

  •  As we know that Standard and pre-built layouts contain placeholders with default text like Click to edit Master title style or Click to add subtitle style.
  • To add custom prompt text to text placeholders in standard layouts we have to use following steps
  1. First we have to click in Slide Master view and click a default text placeholder.


  2. Then replace the existing text with your own custom prompt text.
  3. Then on the Slide Master tab in the Close group click Close Master View to return to Normal view to see your new custom prompt text.


NOTE - When we go to Normal view users of our template can click inside the placeholder and replace the instructional text with their own content.

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