Create a custom Slide layout in PowerPoint 2010

In this article I have described about to create a slide layout according our need in PowerPoint 2010.
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Create a custom layout

According our needs we can create or customize the existing layout in PowerPoint. The steps are as follows

  • First of all we have to click on the View tab in the Master Views group and then click Slide Master.


  • Then in the pane that contains the slide masters and layout locate and click the that layout which has to be changed.

Slide Master


Associate Layouts


  • When the layouts are not presented according your need then Select blank layout.
  • Then to remove unwanted and default placeholders such as headers, footers, or the date and time, click the border of the placeholder and then press DELETE.
  • Then to add Placeholder we have to follow the following steps
  1. First on the Slide Master tab in the Master Layout group click Insert Placeholder and then select a placeholder type from the list.


  2. Then select a location on the layout and then drag to draw the placeholder.


  3. Then in the thumbnail list of layouts right-click the layout that you customized and then click Rename Layout for rename a layout.

  4. In the Rename Layout dialog box type a new name that describes the layout you've just created and then click Rename.

  • Then to save the custom layout in a template on the File tab and under Saving click Save As.


  •  In the File name box type a file name or do nothing to accept the suggested file name.


  • In the Save as type list click PowerPoint Template and then click Save.


  • Then Close master view.


Note - It is important that which layout added and customized now appears in the list of standard, built-in layouts in Normal view, located on the Home tab in the Slides group.

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