How to Use Normal Views in PowerPoint 2010

In this article I have described about the different tabs of Normal views which are used in PowerPoint 2010.
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Normal View for editing PowerPoint presentation

  • It is mentioned earlier that there are different type of views are used in PowerPoint presentation.
  • With the help of these views we can create our professional presentation.

The tabs used in a Normal view

The following are the tabs which are used in a presentation slide

  • Slides Tab - We can see all the presentation slides in this tab as the thumbnail-size. Which is helpful to navigate slides through out the presentation.


  • Outline Tab - The Outline tab shows slide text or title in outline form. It is a place to start writing our content in the slides.


  • Slide Pane - It is a place which displays a large view of the current slide. We can add text, image, text box, movie, sound, chart and animation or any type of graphics in this pane.


  • Notes Pane - Notes pan is situated below the Slide pane where we can type notes that apply to the current slide.


Note - To view the ruler or gridlines in Normal view on the View tab in the Show group select either the Ruler or Gridlines check box.

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